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O2O new retail era to help the floor business to open a new marketing model!

2017-09-06 10:50:31

In recent years, due to the real estate market uncertainty, rising labor costs, rising raw materials and other reasons, into the mature stage of the development of flooring enterprises into the era of low-profit, floor enterprises to win the market, you need to adapt to the trend of the times, the current market conditions, The transformation of the Internet to become a lot of flooring business breakthroughs in the first choice.

Flooring companies need to leveraging the Internet

With the Internet, flooring companies can product design, research and development, sales and other aspects of upgrading, but the floor business must also be thinking, business model on the simultaneous change in order to enhance brand competitiveness.

In recent years, the online economy wind and water, electricity has become a flooring and other traditional home building materials business of the new battlefield, but the floor business in order to have some big business, it must have "won" O2O Determination.

Online platform set off promotional carnival

All the time, "double 11", "double 12", "the end of the year to promote" are all familiar with the electricity business promotion feast, mid-year "618" has become an important node of electricity business war. In addition, the ensuing Dragon Boat Festival, Father's Day is to let the online platform lift promotional carnival. Online economy hit the fiery, related 618 bright red eye-catching advertising overwhelming, promotional items covering daily necessities, fine home appliances, maternal and child beauty and other categories, red envelopes, coupons, subsidies, gifts, etc. words filled with the whole filled with each Corner, online economy smoke filled.

In the context of the rapid development of electricity business in recent years, more and more home brands have embarked on the road of online development. If the floor electric business in the year to promote the "badly beaten", and the physical store is not waiting for customers. Through the promotion of these nodes during the large number of floor store visits found that many line stores through the perfect product display and shopping guide services to enhance consumer experience, the final online to complete the purchase.

It is imperative to create an O2O model

Online is an important channel for drainage, offline activities to join the Internet to participate in the sense of the real economy is the future development of the road. In the O2O industry, home O2O is the most difficult to bite a hard bone. In this case, the test of the floor business is not only determined, but also the implementation.

Therefore, the flooring business should be more convenient to consumers, zero distance to buy products as the center, emphasizing the consistency of online and offline products and services, strengthen online and offline communication, breaking the dealer by conservative, Baotuan monopoly Pattern, so that dealers are open, inclusive mentality to meet the Internet reform.

At present, the transformation and upgrading of the floor business is an inevitable way, in the face of such a situation, the floor enterprises to adapt to the trend of the times, and actively create O2O model, the perfect combination of online and offline in order to have a better development.

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