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Increased raw material costs to speed up the floor industry reshuffle

2017-09-06 10:57:50

At present, the price of wood has become an indisputable fact. According to business feedback, the recent North American, European and Russian timber market basic offer, prices continue to rise. The domestic timber market, from the new round of timber timber quotation table can be seen, the price of wood is also in the rally. This long-term dependence on imports of wood flooring, furniture companies, raw material costs, will undoubtedly accelerate the industry reshuffle.

Foreign prices have not yet reached the domestic timber

In fact, foreign timber market, whether it is plate, or logs are in the price. Although the domestic timber prices have begun to show rally, but far higher than abroad. Foreign prices detonated, the price is high, the domestic price has no significant change, which is why? This is because in international trade, there is a price transmission process. Foreign prices, spread to the domestic market takes about a month's time.
Foreign now began to burst warehouse, and more goods, but the cabin is difficult to book, three or four months of the goods did not ship, there is no way to domestic delivery. For example, it is like you double eleven to buy things, things bought, but the logistics is not to force, leading to the receipt time has been postponed again and again. Now the market has not a substantial price increases, the reason also in this. Foreign prices of goods have not yet to domestic, and other foreign cargo to the domestic, is expected to start a new round of prices.

Chinese timber merchants face "distress" situation

Businessmen said that the recent Nordic - Asian routes market basic explosive warehouse, the European timber transport to Asia, the sea freight has risen to 1,700 US dollars / counters, with the year before the 500 ~ 600 US dollars / counters, turned three times. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of European logs to do business not set sailing. In this case, the Chinese timber business to face this is a very "distress" situation - the domestic stock has been basically sold, due to rising sea freight, the booking of goods can not be shipped. If you want the goods on time to Hong Kong, you have to change the contract, re-negotiated the amount of goods. To beech logs, for example, CIF to Hong Kong prices rose 30-40 dollars each side. More businessmen said that the goods have been booked before the year has been finished, after years of booking goods can only add money, and now, even if the money, but also set not on the cabinet.

The domestic market demand for logs increased in Europe

Analysis of the industry, because China's forest ban on logging, the domestic timber market, 80% of the wood need to rely on imports. With the downstream floor, the furniture market began to slowly recover, the demand for wood is also more and more, the demand for wood logs will increase.

Compared with European logs, European sheet transport to the domestic market is more expensive. On the one hand, the cost of processing foreign logs into plates is higher than that of China, so the price of the plates is relatively expensive; on the other hand, the cabinets are limited. If it is hardwood plate, a cabinet of about 30 to 40 cubic meters, plus the plate of the customs charges higher than the logs (plate imports of value-added tax is 17%, 13% of the value of imports of logs.), So doing, despite The increase in the plate without logs or high, transported to the country, the price is still higher than the logs.

As a result, we can see that the domestic timber market is not optimistic about the market. Domestic timber traders are now more cautious, not easily shot. For the downstream floor manufacturers, due to labor costs and raw material costs, may choose to raise the price of products to ease the pressure on prices, so, the floor industry a new round of reshuffle will open.

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