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Recent News

O2O new retail era to help the floor business to open a new marketing model!

In recent years, due to the real estate market uncertainty, rising labor costs, rising raw materials and other reasons, into the mature stage of the development of flooring enterprises into the era of low-profit, floor enterprises to win the market, you need to adapt to the trend of the times, the current market conditions, The transformation of the Internet to become a lot of flooring business breakthroughs in the first choice.

Increased raw material costs to speed up the floor industry reshuffle

At present, the price of wood has become an indisputable fact. According to business feedback, the recent North American, European and Russian timber market basic offer, prices continue to rise. The domestic timber market, from the new round of timber timber quotation table can be seen, the price of wood is also in the rally. This long-term dependence on imports of wood flooring, furniture companies, raw material costs, will undoubtedly accelerate the industry reshuffle.

Flooring industry competition to upgrade strategic marketing is the key

Today, the floor business competition has been upgraded to brand competition, their strength is not strong enterprises are easily eliminated by the market, disappeared in the torrent of history. Want to survive in the fierce market environment, strategic marketing is the key.

Unique national multi-layer solid wood flooring environmental standards!

More and more families began to lay the ground to warm, resulting in a multi-layer parquet needs increased significantly. In fact, in Europe and the United States developed countries and Japan, multi-layer parquet is widely used in the family, and their environmental standards are very high international. The following comparison of the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries of the solid wood flooring standards, especially formaldehyde emission indicators.


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