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plastic decking cost wpc flooring

WPC extruded anti UV solid wood floor timber

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Product name: WPC Decking
Item No.: HX-DS018
Materials: Composite wood plastic
Size: 146*22 mm
Features: UV resistant, non-slip, waterproof, easy installation, low maintenance
Application: Home and garden, outdoor area
Place of origin: China
Colors: Brown, Apricot, Red cedar, Dark brown, Light grey, Coffee, Dark Grey or customized
Package: Pallet

plastic decking cost
plastic decking cost
wpc flooring
wpc flooring
plastic decking cost      wpc flooring
plastic decking cost wpc flooring

Wpc flooring manufacturers to discuss the mistakes when buying flooring
Misunderstanding 1: Measuring the wear resistance of the floor with a key
When demonstrating the high quality of the brand floor, more than one salesperson chose to use keys to pull back the surface of the worksheet. The salesperson also uses the marker to write on the floor surface and wipe it with a rag to prove the paper. Good stain resistance.
Expert analysis: The national standard has clear requirements on the wear resistance and stain resistance of the sheet surface. Experts say that the salesman’s demonstration is actually the minimum performance that the board should have and cannot explain the problem. Because in the actual test, the detection means and conditions are much more stringent.
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