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3D embossing decking wpc flooring

China exported WPC extruded anti slip supermarket floor

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This is the description of 3D embossing decking wpc flooring
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Product name: WPC Decking
Item No.: HX-DS027
Materials: Composite wood plastic
Size: 140*39 mm
Features: UV resistant, non-slip, waterproof, easy installation, low maintenance
Application: Home and garden, outdoor area
Place of origin: China
Colors: Brown, Apricot, Red cedar, Dark brown, Light grey, Coffee, Dark Grey or customized
Package: Pallet

3D embossing decking
3D embossing decking
wpc flooring
wpc flooring
3D embossing decking         wpc flooring
3D embossing decking wpc flooring

3D embossing decking manufacturers talk about buying children's room floor to see what
1, environmental health
When buying a children's room floor, the main responsibility is to ensure its environmental protection. The child's body is developing. As parents, be sure to avoid using inferior materials. We must pay attention to the environmental protection level and environmental protection level of the floor. E0 products work best, and to a certain extent can reduce the harm of decoration pollution to children.
2, good wear resistance
Abrasion resistance is an important indicator of floor auditing and will directly affect the service life of the floor. High-quality flooring will have a durable protective layer and excellent wear resistance. That is, scratching the floor with coins, keys and other tools will not leave scratches.
3, comfortable feeling
So it's best to choose a better foot and a softer floor. It is important to understand that for young children, some bumps and cracks are easy to walk on the ground, so having a smooth floor surface is very important.
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